Which one is best for me?

Thanks for your interest in our products!

We know it could be confusing to determine which one is best for you.

The answer really comes down to your biochemistry and its interaction with the Cannabidiol in its varied forms.

Generally, we understand that water solubility impacts a pathway in the body that will target joints issues best. It also doesn't require breakdown by the liver which means the CBD is more absorbed and is quickly accessible by the body.

Oil solubility impacts fatty tissues more which means brain health. 

Since we have cannabinoid receptors throughout the body both water soluble and oil products will give your body the building blocks it needs to function properly.

The best way to know which one works best for you is to take the information above and determine which product to start with. We then suggest trying a variation just to see if it impacts you better or worse.

We must become gurus of our own biology and that requires trial and error.

I hope that makes things a bit clearer and look forward to your success story with our CBD.

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