What's the right dose for me?

The Dosing Dilemma

Finding the right dose is even a common problem with practitioners.

You see, the Cannabis industry is just starting to get usage data and it will take time for us to dial in what works for most.

It's comforting when you realize that CBD has no known adverse side effects at any dose, but opioid drug interactions can be problematic because they work on the same pathway. If you are taking an opioid like Oxycodone you should absolutely lessen the dose because CBD will amplify opioid drugs.

Another consideration is bioavailability of the CBD you are taking. A liposomal CBD is more bioavailable so less may be needed.

Make sure to purchase the highest quality cannabidiol because many companies cut corners to increase profit margins. We do not.

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You Are Unique!

The right treatment and dosage depends on your personal biochemistry and the health challenge you are dealing with - if any.

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Basic Guidelines

The goal here is to help you find out what works best for you. Here are some points to help you achieve that end:

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We're here to help you so feel free to contact us with any questions.

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